Lit Signs

Prosigns designs, creates, installs and services commercial Lit Signs.  Lit Signs are an attractive and innovative way of advertising your businesses and products. They are energy efficient and showcase your brand night or day. They can be installed on your building with fascia signs, on a pole or stand on the side of the road. Building Fascia Signs have three types to choose from: (1) Lit Channel Letters which are individually lit letters for your business name and slogan, (2) Cloud signs which are lit signs with a custom shape or design, and (3) Cabinet or Box Lit Sign that comes in an aluminum case with your image that lights up on the front. The Lit signs have three types of lighting systems: neon, LED, and fluorescent.

Before you choose your sign type and location, we advise you to check with city and state restrictions as there are permits and licenses in place to protect drivers from distraction as well as light pollution.  Hence, exterior animated or flashing signs are regulated.  Prosigns will work with your local permits to create a professional and attention-grabbing sign that will showcase your brand and create a positive lasting impression.